Carpe Diem Sales & Marketing is now an approved Under Armour distributor.

Let the power of the Under Armour brand enhance the impact of your garment when it arrives decorated with your logo. Whether you choose the traditional embroidery or more contemporary heat seal decoration method, your garments will be proudly worn, creating a powerful billboard for your brand. High quality decoration, unique locations and relentless attention to detail ensures that your logo will be happily worn over and over again. It’s more than just a decorated garment, it’s an investment in your brand.

Carpe Diem offers 27 apparel styles, 6 bags, and 10 head wear pieces. All¬†items must be sold decorated with Under Armour-approved logos. Items cannot be re-sold or made to be worn “on field.” To see the full catalog, email your Carpe Diem Sales expert or contact Kaitlin Powers at [email protected] for more details.


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